What is Goliat?

Goliat is a Web Applications Framework written in Python and JavaScript licensed under the General Public License. Goliat uses Twisted, ExtJS, Orbited, Evoque and Storm to build web applications.

Read the FAQ for common asked questions about Goliat.

Goliat is divided into three parts, a backend written in Python on top of Twisted, a frontend written in JavaScript on top of GoliatJS, and a COMET service offered by Orbited.

Please, read the Documentation for retrieve more information about Goliat.

You can also read the Goliat Project page.

Who maintain|develop Goliat?

Goliat is maintained and developed by Open Phoenix IT. Goliat has been developed to meet a need for rapid Web applications development at Open Phoenix IT.

While a Community grows around Goliat, the framework will be maintained entirely by Open Phoenix IT who will continue releasing the source code.

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